On Tuesday, March 12th, we start with our first of five events, namely the auction! The doors open at 18:00 and the auction starts at 19:00 (block 1) and 21:00 (block 2)

Bid for one of the original lightboxes, an iconic Saarein rubber duck, a dinner at Vuurtoren-eiland, unique Anne+ costumes, original paintings from The Vulva Gallery, or a finger workshop at Mail & Female.

Block 1




Rubber duck

Harvest Festival Cup

Tile in Saarein

2 tickets to the Paradiso party

Saarein lighter


2 tickets to Melkweg with a 3-course dinner at Bar Mimi

2 tickets to Ball House of Vineyard

2 tickets to Gay 80s & 90s party

4 tickets to Janey Festival

2 tickets to the general rehearsal at Stopera

Overnight stay and breakfast at Volkshotel

3 days with 2 overnight stays in Limburg

Dinner for 2 at Vuurtoreneiland with a wine arrangement

Whiskey tasting for 4 people at your home or at Saarein

Tour + tasting at Brewery Homeland (max 10 people)

Blok 2

Known from

Anne+ clothing

Writing course by Maartje Wortel

Swimming with Maartje Wortel and Femke Heemskerk

Signed album by Merol

Books by Hanna Bervoets

Fun package from Mail & Female

Queer Gym shoes, shirt & subscription


Artwork House of Vineyard

Two artworks Because My Love For Women

Two paintings from The Vulva Gallery


2 tattoos

Golden, glitter cape by Kirsten van Teijn